contemporary artist | designer.

     Artist 'iii' (Trey) uses a multitude of media to accomplish his compositional goals. He believes that the process of creating should be as organic and random as existence itself.

'...I feel that the building or creating of a work, should have a healthy blend of both direction and non sequitur. For example: you have A and you have B, respectively. Sure you can move straight from A to B, no problem, however being open to new paths - or even deviating altogether can really show you things you would have missed.'

      He has been a part of the North Carolina art scene since the early 2000's and continues to appear in smaller, more local, galleries and events around N.C. Works range from printed illustrations to murals and almost everything in-between.

"...I prefer smaller galleries, or ones off the metaphorical beaten-path. They feel better, more honest. Plus it gives you an opportunity to meet other people or artists in a more comfortable environment."

   "[shows/galleries] ...sometimes there are little details that get lost. I thrive on those. They're all throughout my work. ...and as an extension of myself, if they're missing, I am as well. I need those little moments, those synapse sparks. "